Rabu, 24 Juni 2015


We are now discussing a value which is so essential but it is very badly understood by many of Muslims and also (of course) by many of non-muslims.

We translate jihad by “effort”. But actualy it has the meaning more than that. In fact, it has to do with resistance and reform. Resistance towards what we have in ourselves which is the dark side of our being. These dark side of our being are: our love for power, our love for money, and another dark temptations. We all know when it comes to violences and when it comes to being greedy all these dimensions are within us.

We know, coming from the very essential of Islam that our first resistance should beat with our own selves; to try to be a better persons, to try to improve our being, and to be much more connected to god. At the same time it has to do with reforming ourselves. Reforming ourselves and trying to nurture every thing which has to do with the enlighten dimension of our being. 

When it comes to praying and when it comes to serving humanity. This jihad is essential and this is the very meaning of Islam. We should understand that when Allah is talking to us in the Qur’an He’s asking us to come to Him to this. Wa jaahidu fillaahi haqqa jihaadih; you have to perform the very meaning of resistance to come close to Allah. And at the some time, it has to do with the way we are experiencing our lives.

When it is said in the Qur’an; yaa ayyuhalladziina aamanu hal adullukum ‘alaa tijaaratin tunjiikum min ‘adzaabin aliim, tu’minuuna billaahi wa rasuulihi wa tujaahiduuna fii sabiilillaahi bi amwaalikum wa anfusikum. Allah is telling us the very meaning of this topic in this life to preserve and to prevent us from experiencing the punishment at the end. It means, to believe in god, to believe in His messenger, and then to be involved in this jihad with our being, with our goods, and with every thing in our life.

This is jihad. It has to do with ourselves. It has to do with our heart. 

And there is a multiple dimensions to jihad. There is the intelectual jihad when it comes to getting knowledge. It has to do with our hearts when are purifying our hearts. It has to do with our live within our familiy. the jihad within the family when we are protecting our marriage or protecting our family. The social jihad when it comes to dealing with the poverty, marginalisation, corruption, jihad against rasis ect. These all are the social jihad. And all these kinds of jihad are the part of our spiritual journey as Muslims. 

As we are fasting, this is a jihad which is so essential . Because jihad with the fasting we come to better Muslims and  become better believers. We are trying to purify our heart, our mind, and our way of dealing with poor people and our fellow human beings. Insya Allah.

Wallahu ta’ala a’lam 

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