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Here we are, talking about one of the most important values that we have as Muslims. It’s not only a value for a principle and for an experience. It’s something that we have to taste. It has to do with spirituality as value, as an essential Islamic value that we have to understand from within and we have to experience in our daily life. Especially during the month of Ramadan. 

We have a “ruuh” coming from god that we have to nurture in our daily life and our daily ritual. The way we are dealing with our heart, the way we are dealing with ourselves  has to do with being full of Allah’s present. Allah’s present is felt not only in the way we pray but also in the way we behave. 

This is what we get in the Qur’an, walakin kuunuu rabbaniyyiina bimaa kuntum tu’allimuunal kitaaba wa bimaa kuntum tadrusuuna; be this people we are full of Allah’s present by the way you are teaching the Qur’an and also the way you are learning it (QS. 3:79). 

Through the revelation we need to get this present of god in our life to nurture the spirit and to nurture the very deep meaning. 

So, spirituality has to do with our intimate life. It’s how we come back to ourselves and try to nurture the feeling of Allah’s present in our daliy life.

The hinghest level is al-ihsan. Anta’budallaaaha ka annaka taraahu wa inlam takun taraahu fa innahu yaraaka. You worship God as if you were seing Him. This is what we have to do.

During the month of Ramadan, it’s so full of sipritual experiences. Every one of us knows that when he/she is fasting, something different is happening. There is another relationship to the world, to ourselves, and to the human being around. That’s very important spiritual experiences that we have to nurture. 

It comes to discipline, it comes to education, and to mastering ourselves. But  it’s not only these. It has to do with the way we pray, with the way we remember god, with the way we are fasting , and with the way we are behaving. Not only with our own selves but also with our fellow human being, with nature and creations. That is what we should call, “active spirituality”. It’s not only to pray during the night. It’s the way we spread meaning in everything we are doing as Muslim and as believers.

This is why spirituality is very important for us.

So spirituality in Islam is not only to pray and to forget between two prayers. It’s to pray, to fast, and then to spread this meaning everywhere. Allahu ta'ala a'lam.

There is only one god to Him we belong and to Him we shall return, insya Allah.

Summary of advice of Prof. Tariq Ramadan:
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