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While Drinking Coffee

Hanging out with friends who have the same fate like you can reduce the burden in your mind. Here is our story when we were in college; as a student and (also) as an activist (wide laugh emoticon).

Let’s start this note by quote this statement: a lot of great ideas could be generated because of simple conversation in a coffee shop. ~No Name

It’s not a forbidden thing if sometimes you invest your time in a coffee shop. The title I’ve used on this note is “While Drinking Coffee”, but you can order a glass of hot milk which is mixed with the extract of ginger. Choose milk, then you will not be able to be contaminated by the negative effects of coffee. Avoid drinks that can make you addicted (one of the drinks is coffee), this is the advice which was said by one of predecessors in the world of da’wah. So I’m going to change the title of this note into “While Drinking Milk” (wide laugh emoticon again).

Feel the pleasure which exists in every suction you have got from the hot ginger milk. That is one of the infinite blessings which are given by the Lord of the Universe (Allah Ta’ala) to you.

While drinking milk in a coffee shop, you’ll get several ideas regarding how to appreciate your life.

Do you think that you are one of the most stressful people in this planet? 

Oh you don’t. Look! There is a dusk-old man who offers his wares in front of you. Right in front of you! His body looks crooked. His hair has returned into its original color. His face full of wrinkles. But look at his spirit! Does he complain about his life? Does he curse the fate which is happened?!

Look! There is a masseur who offers his services. When he stopped at one of the crowd of coffee drinkers, then he received this answer: “Maaf Pak”. What does it means? It means that the coffee drinkers were rejected his service offers. Does the masseur give up on the situation?! Does the masseur curse the coffee drinkers who don’t want to accept his offer?! No! While he continuing to offer his services, the masseur kept walking toward the other crowd of coffee drinkers.

While drinking milk in a coffee shop, you’ll be able to observe the various life realities around you. While drinking milk in a coffee shop, you’ll be able to share the complexity of what you are feeling to your speaking friends. While drinking milk in a coffee shop, you’ll be able to hear the problems that are befalling your friends.

Do you still think that you are one of the most complicated (--bin ruwet njelimet)?

Be observe all of your friends who are circling the steam from their cup of milk. They have a similar problem like you, and even more complicated. But, they are still facing the problems with the various of playful behavior. Look at that one guy! He has repeatedly made his final project proposal, and his professor has also repeatedly rejected it. Once he forced himself to carry out the seminar proposal, then the electricity was suddenly off (ngajepluk). What does it means? The meaning is, see you at the next semester proposal seminar!

Remember your brother who just lost his laptop a few weeks ago. All of his final project data was lost along with the lost of the laptop. Did he curse the destiny which has just happened?! Did he feel desperate?! Did he don’t want to do his final project again?! No! In fact, he has the patience that is higher than the Papandayan mountain. He believes that there is a very valuable lesson for him within the incident.

The goods that we have is actually belongs to Allah, then Allah has the right to take it any times and any places. 

Never tell Allah that you’re having a problem, but say to the problem that you have Allah. 

Allahu Ta’ala a’lam.
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